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We moved our legal support from Toronto to Siskinds Law in London after almost a year of trialing their services. We believe good legal counsel provides great clarity on options and outcomes in any situation, and respects the value statement that legal counsel provides companies, and Chris Sinal has excelled at both. We appreciate the direct, thorough and professional manner which Chris brings to every issue, and value Siskinds’ overall responsiveness. Their advice has been invaluable as Chris has taken the time to understand our company culture, and our legal needs. While our primary need is labour law, based on our experiences to date, we have and would feel comfortable using Siskinds in all areas of our business. - D.T.

Emily Foreman was unbelievable in helping me through a difficult time in my life. After I was involved in an accident and suffered numerous injuries, I didn’t know what my options were. I was dealing with doctors, physical issues, and the overwhelming emotions involved in knowing my conditions could possibly never improve. Emily walked me through the process and made it easy. She answered all my questions, no matter how trivial, and took time out of her day to ensure a quick response and ensured I received all the supports I needed to try and get back to how I use to be. Throughout the years I’ve received so much support from Emily and she was truly compassionate. Emily not only worked for me but worked with me to ensure I was happy and satisfied. - M.

My divorce proceedings began in a cool and calm manner until my ex began to make unreasonable demands and hired a lawyer with an aggressive style. During this process my emotions were tempered with a cool, calm, and logical approach by Camille [Riggs]. She kept me focused on the big picture, relevant issues, and coming to a sensible resolution despite what was being put before us. Without being argumentative or being the one to prolong this matter, Camille managed to secure a support order that was better than my original offer. She clearly knows the law and her role and provided me with great advice and a cool head during an emotional time of my life. - A.D.

Being the victim of an accident was the hardest thing I have ever had to go through emotionally and physically. I did not know my rights, what I was entitled to, or how to go about the whole process. A friend that heard about my accident contacted me and told me about how Rasha [El-Tawil] at Siskinds helped him throughout his accident case. It was then, that I contacted Rasha and she went over what to expect and how to go about the whole process. Right away, I was glad I had Rasha on my side. She was the only person throughout the whole process that actually cared to help me whether I needed an appointment with a doctor or just advice. She always did her best to help me when it seemed that no one else did. Needless to say, my case was resolved quickly and efficiently. I even ended up better off than I ever thought I would. I'm glad I made that call to Siskinds because I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for Rasha's help. I would hands down recommend Rasha's services to anyone. - C.

On July 31 2003 my life changed. I was rear ended on my motorcycle and badly injured a long way from home. Laying in the hospital bed all I could do was worry about my future i.e. losing my job, mortgage payments etc. I thought things will be O.K. because I have insurance. Once I got home and filed a claim I quickly found out the Insurance company was not my friend. The person that hit me was charged with Dangerous driving causing bodily harm and the insurance company was treating me like I was the villain. After three weeks of them making my life more miserable a friend suggested I contact Jim Mays at Siskinds. I met with Jim and he took the case then things got better no more harassing phone calls or letters. Jim's staff made sure I got the accident benefits that I was entitled to some of which the insurance company never even told me about. Over the years Jim and his staff fought to keep my accident benefits and fought legal battles with two insurance companies. In the end Jim Mays negotiated two insurance settlements with my well being the significant priority. In closing my experience with Jim Mays and Siskinds law firm was a good one and I would recommend them to anybody.  - R.H.F.

Last year I was in a MVA and as a result I’ve had and continue to have a lot of appointments, both from doctors and therapists. However one of the first things I got started with after the MVA was a lawyer to help with a number of things including my rights as an insured person in an accident. I’ve had Rasha El-Tawil at Siskinds Law Firm in London, Ontario for quite a few months now. Rasha and her assistant law clerk Tina have done an exceptional job for me and continue to do an amazing job, day after day. They have helped me with so much and relieved a lot of stress and uncertainty after my MVA. If the unfortunate happens, and you or someone you know are in a motor vehicle accident, I wouldn’t hesitate to call Siskinds as they are not only highly knowledgeable in personal injury, but extremely friendly as well. They can help make a horrible situation a little less stressful and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a knowledgeable and extremely friendly lawyer. – D.K.

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