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Canada’s Competition Act prohibits companies from agreeing to increase prices, reduce supply or allocate markets or customers. Breaches of the Competition Act can result in consumers and businesses paying higher prices than they would have in a competitive market. Our competition law class actions seek to recover the amounts that purchasers overpaid.

Many consumer products have been the subject of price-fixing litigation, including television and computer components, chemicals, auto parts, chocolate, gasoline, drywall, and batteries. Virtually every Canadian has purchased at least one of these products.

Leading Canada in Price Fixing Class Actions

Siskinds is Canada’s leading law firm in the prosecution of price-fixing conspiracy class actions. Our team has been involved in precedent-setting decisions, including a Supreme Court decision holding that umbrella purchasers (meaning persons who purchased a product from a non-conspirator) have the right to participate in a price-fixing class action.

Our team has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for price-fixing victims. Our team is responsible for some of Canada’s largest price-fixing settlements in cases related to auto parts ($168 million), the foreign exchange market ($134 million), vitamins ($132 million), liquid crystal display panels ($83 million), and cathode ray tubes ($49 million).  

Price fixing cases are often highly complex, lengthy, and involve products shipped around the world. Our experienced legal team is dedicated to seeing cases through from the beginning until the end; when consumers receive their just compensation.

At Siskinds, our goal is to get compensation for the victims of price fixing. Contact our team of lawyers today to represent your price fixing class action.

The federal government is undertaking a comprehensive review of the Competition Act and Canadian competition policy. You can read our submissions here.

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Garett Hunter

Associate - Class Actions
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Karim Diallo

Counsel and Mediator - Class Actions, Professional negligence, Commercial Litigation
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Linda Visser (She/Her)

Partner - Class Actions
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Charles Wright

Partner - Class Actions
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Stefani Cuberovic (She/Her)

Associate, Class Actions
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Bridget Moran

Associate - Class Actions
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Caroline Perrault

Partner - Class Actions, Professional negligence, Civil Litigation

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