Family Law Lawyers & Attorneys

The breakdown of a relationship is a serious matter that is often challenging and complex. Family law requires a thorough knowledge of broad legal concepts such as custody, support, property and contract law in addition to knowledge of the family law rules and procedures.

Our goal is to protect and advance our clients’ interests and we strive to achieve the most reasonable, favourable outcome in every case whether it is protecting your interests going into a new relationship or protecting your interests when your relationship ends. This can often be achieved by negotiated settlements which are cost effective for our clients but in some circumstances when parties are unable to resolve their differences we are prepared to go to court and fight for our client’s rights.

Family law carries with it an emotional element which requires professional sensibility while at the same time recognizing that issues are sensitive for many of our clients. We pride ourselves in our goal to make our best efforts to guide our clients through each step of the proceeding with empathy and compassion.

Our Family Law Group is prepared to assist clients in all aspects of family law including custody and access, support issues, property division and wealth protection.