Our Articling Program

Our pursuit of excellence begins with our Student Articling Program. We view every new student hired as a future associate and partner. Our goal is to see students grow with us and become part of our future success. At Siskinds, we realize that we are only as good as the people who work with us. We encourage individualism and creativity while providing a work environment that is enjoyable as well as rewarding.

Our Students

Even in an era of specialization, it is important for new lawyers to have a broad foundation of exposure to many different areas of the law. Our articling program gives students an opportunity to explore a broad range of areas of the law during the articling year. We also attempt to take students’ specific interests into consideration to provide an opportunity to develop areas of personal legal interest.

Students, 2017-2018

Chantal deSereville – McGill University
Liam Ledgerwood – Western University
Kristen King – University of Ottawa
Kevin Braiden – Western University

Students, 2018-2019

James Boyd – Western University
Brendan Clouthier – Western University
Enje Kerikes – Western University
Farid Mahdi – University of Windsor

Program Structure

Siskinds is proud of its wide range of practice areas encompassing both business law and litigation. During articles, our students are exposed to:

  • Personal Estate Planning
  • Estate Litigation
  • Franchise Law
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Immigration
  • Labour & Employment
  • Business Law
  • Class Actions
  • Real Estate
  • Family Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Environmental
  • Municipal Law

That said, students generally find that their work is heavily weighted on the litigation side of the list. They typically spend the majority of their time working on files involving Small Claims Court, Superior Court and Family Court matters. They are expected to handle trials at the Small Claims Court level, as well as civil and family court motions, applications and adjournments. They also regularly attend administrative tribunals, such as the Ontario Municipal Board and the Ontario Labour Relations Board, in a supportive role.

Student Responsibilities

Students are encouraged to function as independently as possible, taking into consideration their own comfort level and that of their supervising lawyer. They are often assigned Small Claims Court files to handle from start to finish. They are encouraged to meet with clients, develop a plan for the management of the file and see it through to completion.

Students also have the opportunity to work with senior counsel on a variety of more complex projects which may include civil trials, administrative hearings and labour arbitrations, as well as mediation and arbitration hearings. Our lawyers welcome  he opportunity to involve students in interesting and unique cases to further their practical experience.

Summer Students

Siskinds hires 2nd year law students during the summer in their London Office. We do not hire summer students in our Toronto office. Students will have the opportunity to work in areas where there is a need and will be under the supervision of our Articling Department.

Feedback and Mentors

Each student is matched with a mentoring team composed of a partner and an associate. The teams meet regularly with the student to discuss workload, provide feedback and monitor the student’s exposure to the areas of law within the various departments. This structure promotes two-way communication where students are encouraged to provide their mentors with feedback relating to their experiences in the articling program.

Student Lecture Series

At the beginning of each articling year, a series of skill- and knowledge building sessions are arranged on a variety of subjects. The topics include motions, initial interviews, will preparation, docketing, factums, franchise law, libel and slander/media law, motor vehicle accident insurance and accident benefits, ethical issues, labour relations, human rights and wrongful dismissal. There are approximately 35 skill and knowledge building sessions throughout the year. Beyond providing valuable information, these sessions give our students a great opportunity to meet with many of Siskinds’ top lawyers in a small group setting.

Library and Research Support

Students receive direction on their research from a variety of sources. We have a full–time, in-house research librarian and maintain a substantial virtual library of in-house materials online. We also subscribe to various computer research databases, including many of the Lexis/Nexis products as well as Quicklaw – all of which are available from the desktop. Students are also encouraged to make full use of the Middlesex Law Association library and The University of Western Ontario’s law library, both of which provide extensive borrowing and support services.

Our Technology

Siskinds is committed to continually updating its technology to enhance all aspects of our legal practice – from communications to sophisticated litigation support and extensive information resources. Our advanced technological culture and top-of-the-line computer systems are fully supported by our Information Systems Department. We utilize a wide range of software, including imaging systems and databases, public and private research databases, calendar systems and remote access systems. Our high-speed, firm-wide internet access, custom databases, intranet and internal knowledge base have all contributed to our ability to easily and cost-effectively manage our data.


Compensation packages are competitive with the top firms in Southwestern Ontario and include a comprehensive benefits package with two weeks’ paid vacation during the articling term.


We encourage students to become an integral part of our firm. Students are invited to share in such activities as our firm dinners, Stair Climb, summer B.B.Q., Memorial Boys’ and Girls’ Swim-A-Thon as well as our Holiday Celebration. Every Wednesday, the firm hosts a catered lawyers’ lunch in our boardroom and students are encouraged to attend.

LSUC Justicia Project

Siskinds is one of the few London firms that is an active participant in the LSUC Justicia Project.


At Siskinds, we support and encourage the physical well-being of all members of the firm. As such, we offer a fitness credit to all articling students which may be applied towards an annual fitness membership or class.

Hire-Back Procedures

At the end of the year, articling students are asked to advise us of the areas in which they would prefer to work. In early spring, the Articling Committee presents its recommendations to firm management and students may be offered positions at that time. Our hire-back ratio is competitive with the other top firms in Southwestern Ontario.

Take The First Step

We currently have 4 articling students for the 2017-2018 term and five articling students for the 2018-2019 term. We accept articling applications year round but review them late January each year for summer positions. Our interviews and hiring processes are completed in accordance with the Law Society and Middlesex Law Association guidelines. We interview on the Monday and Tuesday of interview week with the first interview generally starting at 9am. Summer Students start the beginning of May and Articling Students start late July. We currently are not hiring either summer or articling students in our Toronto office.

We look for people with excellent academic qualifications but we also seek people with sound judgment, integrity, a sense of humour and enthusiasm for both life and the practice of law. We also look for people with a commitment to practicing in London for the long term.

Required Information in Application Package: cover letter, resume, undergrad marks, law school marks to date as well as courses being taken in your upper year.

Send applications to:

Siskinds LLP
680 Waterloo Street
P.O. Box 2520
London, ON
N6A 3V8

Attention: Deborah Pepers, Records & Compliance Manager /Articling Support Co-ordinator or by email to

Summer Students

2018 Summer Student Process

  • Application Deadline is now closed
  • We will be calling to set up interviews on Friday, February 2, 2018
  • Interviews will be conducted Monday, February 12, 2018
  • Offer Calls will be made Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 8:00am.

We will not be hiring Summer Students in our Toronto office.

Deadlines for 2017-2018 Articling Term

We have chosen our students for the above noted term.

We will not be hiring articling students in our Toronto Office.

Deadlines for 2018-2019 Articling Term

We have chosen our students for the above noted term.

We will not be hiring Articling Students in our Toronto Office

Articling Committee



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