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We are shocked and devastated by the senseless crime motivated by hatred and racism that was committed in our community on June 6. We extend our deepest condolences to the friends and family of those who were killed, and wish a full recovery to the surviving young boy who remains in hospital. We stand in solidarity with our Muslim partners, colleagues, clients, friends, and neighbours in rejecting Islamophobia in all forms, and demanding better for our community. Hatred has no place here. It diminishes every one of us. Each of us shares the responsibility for putting an end to it. We recognize that as members of the legal profession, our share of that responsibility is heightened. This unspeakable crime strikes at the very core of the Muslim community’s sense of security and will have a lasting impact. Although this tragedy can never be undone, we believe the goodness in our city will prevail. We commit to be better for each other, to demand better from each other and to share love, kindness and tolerance with one another. We must stand together to build a safer, more inclusive community for all.

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Since the enactment of the Class Proceedings Act in 1992, Siskinds has been at the forefront of the class action practice. Siskinds was counsel in the first case to be certified on a contested basis in Canada (Bendall v McGhan Medical Corp, [1993] O.J.No. 1948). 

Siskinds has pioneered important practice areas that are now established practices – including securities and price-fixing.

Siskinds has been class counsel in many class actions and has recovered billions on behalf of affected persons.

Below is a sample of some of the important cases that Siskinds has been involved with:

  • Breast Implants – During the 1990s, Siskinds was counsel in litigation relating to allegedly defective breast implants. The breast implants litigation was the first case to be certified on a contested basis in Ontario and Canada (Bendall v McGhan Medical Corp, [1993] O.J.No. 1948). In total, more than $40 million was recovered on behalf of class members.
  • Dabbs v Sun Life Assurance Co of Canada – Class action settlements are subject to court approval. Siskinds was counsel in the precedent setting decision that established the criteria to be considered by a Court in deciding whether to approve a class settlement. This decision has been relied upon by Ontario courts since 1998 in assessing and approving class settlements (Dabbs v Sun Life Assurance Co of Canada, (1998), 40 O.R. (3d) 429 (Gen. Div.)).
  • SNC Lavalin securities class action – A settlement was reached for $110 million. This is the largest settlement in Canadian history, where there was no accompanying US market misrepresentation case. The case is in the administration stage.
  • Vitamins price-fixing class action – Siskinds was counsel in the vitamins class action. This was one of the first price-fixing cases brought in Canada. Siskinds recovered $132 million on behalf of affected persons. At the time, this was one of the largest class action settlements in Canada. 
  • VW Emissions Scandal – Siskinds was counsel in a class action relating to the VW emissions scandal. $2 billion was recovered on behalf of class members. The case is in the administration stage.
  • Walkerton E.coli outbreak – Siskinds was counsel in litigation relating to the 2000 E.coli contamination of the town’s water supply. To date, more than $75 million has been paid to class members.
  • XL Foods – Siskinds was counsel in a class action relating to the 2012 recall of XL Foods beef. This was the largest food recall in Canadian history.

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Hello, finally stopping by to say thank you for everything! I had the honor of having Jill McCartney work my case, amazing person to work with she is very nice, explains things very thoroughly. No complaints. - K.W.

As the COO of a midsize company I contacted Siskinds with regards to an intricate and somewhat challenging H.R. issue, and we were directed to Christopher Sinal. Upon review of this complex situation, his in depth knowledge of H.R. law allowed us to construct a clear and strategic plan. Phone calls and email enquiries were dealt with efficiently and timely. Chris displayed his competency and confidence in our final negotiations to bring closure to the case. We appreciate his preparedness and professionalism in representing our firm. - B.D.

When I was reflecting on the year 2020, and thinking of the people that had the most impact on me, you [Rasha El-Tawil] quickly came to mind. I was stressed and uncomfortable for the past few years, but when you took my case, I have since been able to relax and focus on other aspects of my life. I want to take a moment to thank you for making my 2020 easier. Not only have you contributed to my personal case, but you’ve also taught me the traits that an amazingly kind and intelligent lawyer should have. -T.H.