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You deserve the best legal support.

There is a stigma about making a personal injury claim. It’s as if you’re the problem instead of being the victim. At Siskinds, our personal injury team turns that around. We champion good people who have been injured in virtually any way. We understand your situation. We eliminate the stigma and make the rest of your journey to health and compensation much easier.

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Our Team

Learn more about Anna Szczurko.

Anna Szczurko

Partner - Personal Injury
Learn more about Christina Martin.

Christina Martin

Associate - Personal Injury
Learn more about Dagmara Wozniak.

Dagmara Wozniak

Partner - Personal Injury, Estate Litigation
Learn more about Emily Foreman.

Emily Foreman

Partner - Personal Injury
Learn more about Joe Gaynor.

Joe Gaynor

Associate - Personal Injury
Learn more about Lauren Cullen.

Lauren Cullen

Associate – Personal Injury
Learn more about Bryan Sansom.

Bryan Sansom

Associate - Personal Injury
Learn more about Victoria Edwards.

Victoria Edwards

Associate – Personal Injury
Learn more about Chris Collins.

Chris Collins

Partner - Personal Injury
Learn more about Christopher Fazio.

Christopher Fazio

Associate - Personal Injury, Medical Negligence
Learn more about Maciek Piekosz.

Maciek Piekosz

Partner - Personal Injury
Learn more about Sarah Lawson.

Sarah Lawson

Associate – Personal Injury
Learn more about Rasha El-Tawil.

Rasha El-Tawil

Partner - Personal Injury
Learn more about Jim Virtue.

Jim Virtue

Partner - Personal Injury
Learn more about Nicole Tuczynski.

Nicole Tuczynski

Associate – Personal Injury
Learn more about Mariana Peres Toledo.

Mariana Peres Toledo

Associate - Personal Injury
Learn more about Anna Stoll.

Anna Stoll (She/Her)

Associate - Personal Injury


The Words of Our Clients

It’s often said that great work is the best way to get more clients.

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Contingency Fee Arrangements

Personal injury actions are complex (involving complicated issues of both medicine and law), lengthy, hard fought, and require expert opinion evidence.

We do not charge a fee for initial consultations. We also do not require a monetary retainer for personal injury matters. We only charge a fee if we recover compensation for you. You will not be charged more than a 30% fee on a contingency fee agreement for a personal injury action at Siskinds.

The Law Society of Ontario has prepared a document explaining contingency fees, which can be accessed here.

We Can Help You

Diverse & Deep Experience

Injuries can be sustained in an infinite number of different situations and scenarios. Our experience in all areas of personal injury law is diverse and deep.

Accident Benefits Claims

Knowing the benefits that are rightfully available to you could make a significant difference to your recovery. Ask us.


Strengthen your position significantly with legal representation. You need us on your side.

Back & Spine Injury

The earlier the problem is identified and legal advice is sought, the better your options.

Car Accidents

Timing is key. Contact us immediately to get the compensation you deserve.

Head & Brain Injury

Head and brain injuries are highly diverse in nature but are always life-changing. Get legal advice from us.

Medical Malpractice

When care or treatment goes in an unexpected direction, let us help you get back to a better place.

Other Injuries

Injuries are extremely diverse; many can be improved significantly with legal representation.

Recreational Vehicles

Injuries that occur in unique situations and circumstances can cause unique legal options to arise.

Slips & Falls

Slips and falls are common occurrences that often benefit from legal advice.

We Understand

Injuries can bring life changes.

Siskinds lawyers discuss the complexities of personal injury law and the importance of trusting an experienced team on your road to recovery.

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