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We live in a time of radical and rapid social change. How do you simply keep up?

Properties, families, marriage, how individuals engage – how society itself interacts and the challenges that arise – have changed more over the last generation than at any other time. How we manage our personal and family affairs in a legal context is equally ground-breaking.

Wills and estates, civil litigation, land use, even the fundamentals of real estate transactions, continue to evolve. You want a personal legal services lawyer who knows the landscape, communicates clearly and eliminates surprises. You need an expert who will provide access to proven specialists when required – all within one team. That’s the Siskinds approach.

Our Attitude

We Understand Life’s Complexities

Siskinds lawyers explain how to cope with the emerging complexities of family law.

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With over 80 lawyers who focus on diverse areas of the law, we can help you. Start here.

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Specific Areas of Law

Civil Litigation Lawyers

You need a lawyer who knows all of your options in this complex area and can navigate all levels and juristictions of courts and tribunals.

Family Law Lawyers

Divorce, property division, wealth protection, custody and access - indepth legal knowledge applied to situations driven by logic and emotion.

Real Estate Lawyers

Real estate purchases, sales, mortgage and financing transactions - fixed-cost prices and expedited work.


When you are about to take courageous action, we will give you the legal support you need.

Wills & Estate Lawyers

All documentation, administration, accounting and litigation support you could ever need - one team does everything related to your estate.

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The more you understand, the easier it is to manage well.

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