About Us

Inclusive Approach

Siskinds’ approach is all about feeling welcomed. It’s how you should feel the moment you contact us or meet a Siskinds lawyer. It’s one of those anti-stereotype personality traits that defines our firm. Our space is your space, our expertise are open to you, our commitment to you is deeply genuine. What you need to know beyond that is best expressed by a simple belief that is shared by all Siskinds lawyers and our team of support staff, whatever your legal needs.

A Simple Belief

We believe the practice of law in Canada has lagged behind changes in life and business over the last generation. Due to complexity, language, fees and inaccessible expertise, legal service remains ‘exclusive’ in the truest sense. While you, individually or as a business owner, now openly communicate and share information inclusively in a more transparent world.

We believe it’s time the practice of law caught up with you. And because challenging convention has motivated Siskinds since 1937, we’ve decided to focus on three commitments that should shake up the status quo everywhere:

  1. The cost of law can, at the very least, be more transparent and at best, more reasonable.
  2. Increased inclusion in the processes of legal counsel and deeper client understanding will ensure trust and prove value.
  3. Access to expertise and legal service should be free of obstacles, constraints and worry.

In short, be more transparent, welcome questions, deliver answers faster and make the value obvious. That’s our commitment to you.

We see this as a unique opportunity to inspire a new era of genuine legal service in Canada. We’ll start here and see if others catch on. We will be inclusive as opposed to exclusory, to the point where every client feels like a partner in our practice.

You’ll let us know if we’re getting it right.

How Can We Help?

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