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Siskinds' eDiscovery team includes a group of lawyers and project managers with experience collectively providing counsel on the discovery phase of litigation and regulatory proceedings. Our team draws on their class action, discovery and project management experience to expand the use of eDiscovery technology and active machine learning for claims administration and extensive data management projects.

Working with Siskinds' eDiscovery team

Our in-house eDiscovery team collaborates with clients and litigation teams to design a discovery process that leverages technology to provide a cost-effective and legally defensible solution. We provide our clients and co-counsel with secure user access to our platforms and offer all training and support. 

Our clients gain access to a team experienced in both eDiscovery and Class Action litigation.  Clients can choose how “hands-on” they want to be.   Some clients prefer to manage the entire project themselves, others have our team look after everything, most clients fall somewhere in the middle.   We work with clients to design a project that is unique to their needs and budget.

While we work with a diverse client base, benefits that our Plaintiff clients appreciate include:

  • experience in designing and managing a Plaintiff side document review project;
  • eliminating conflicts that often arise with eDiscovery vendors who are defence-focused;
  • our cost-conscious mindset, we implement strategies to save our clients money;
  • eliminates a layer of support, which typically involves asking, waiting for a reply, responding, waiting for the execution of the request, testing, rinse/repeat;
  • a team of eDiscovery professionals with Plaintiff Class Action experience.

To find out more about our services contact Dawn Sullivan.

How to trim eDiscovery costs: Blog post series

Siskinds' eDiscovery and class actions lawyer, Dawn Sullivan, shares practical tips on how to keep disbursements in check while managing large data volumes in her "How to trim eDiscovery costs" blog post series below. 

  1. Lay the groundwork
  2. Review fewer documents and review efficiently
  3. Leverage technology by adding tools and apps to your review
  4. Set your review team up for success
  5. Archive unnecessary data from your workspace

Our Team

Learn more about Vijay Shrestha.

Vijay Shrestha

eDiscovery Services Analyst - Class Actions
Learn more about Sylvia Flower.

Sylvia Flower

eDiscovery Services and Legal Projects Manager – Class Actions
Learn more about Dawn Sullivan.

Dawn Sullivan

Counsel – eDiscovery and Class Actions
Learn more about Alison McBurney.

Alison McBurney

eDiscovery Associate - Class Actions