Lawyers & Attorneys For Other Injuries

With any serious injury, the long term health and financial implications can be dramatic.  With proper resources, it is often possible to recover better and more quickly.  Without those resources, you may face long term health implications, and financial hardship.  Anytime there is a serious injury with disability, it is worth consulting a lawyer.  We can help martial the resources you need to get your life back on track.  Many people do not realize what types of assistance may be available in non-motor vehicle cases.   There is often assistance available through home owner’s or tenant’s insurance packages, private and group medical and disability packages, and government funded programs.

Representing a Range of Personal Injury Cases

Working with Siskinds means working with a team. Our team of lawyers, clerks and paralegals work exclusively in the area of personal injury law. We know the insurance system and the medical system and are looking out for you. We will be with you each step of the way as you recover from your accident and make sure you get the support you deserve.

Some of the kinds of cases where there may be assistance available include:

  • Injuries caused by poorly designed or manufactured products;
  • Injuries to children while in the care of others, including schools, daycare, camps, babysitters and even family members;
  • Elder abuse and neglect cases;
  • Workplace injuries;
  • Playground injuries;
  • Injuries on sidewalks and in other public facilities;
  • Skiing and other recreational sports injuries;
  • Airline or cruise ship injuries;
  • Injuries resulting from over service of alcohol while at a bar.

The list could go on.  In summary, if you are in doubt, don’t hesitate to call.  We do not charge for an initial consultation.

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