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Individuals can be powerless against large corporations. Rights can be trampled in pursuit of profits. By creating a group or class, Siskinds leverages the power of many, to even the playing field and to set wrongs to right. Our class action team has achieved record-setting recoveries for our clients and has been recognized as a top-tier Canadian firm by independent legal review organizations.

With over one hundred active class actions, we have listed all of them below to provide you with easy access to the information you need.

Class Actions Listing

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Mémoire vive statique (“SRAM”) Concurrence View Mémoire vive statique (“SRAM”)
Thérapie de Testostérone Produits pharmaceutiques et dispositifs médicaux View Thérapie de Testostérone Join Thérapie de Testostérone
The Cash Store Financial Inc. Valeurs mobilières View The Cash Store Financial Inc.
Dispositifs de mailles transvaginales This class action is frequently searched. Produits pharmaceutiques et dispositifs médicaux View Dispositifs de mailles transvaginales Join Dispositifs de mailles transvaginales
Trasylol Produits pharmaceutiques et dispositifs médicaux View Trasylol
United Parcel Service Canada Ltd (“UPS”) Protection du consommateur View United Parcel Service Canada Ltd (“UPS”)
Uponor Responsabilité du fabricant View Uponor
Pénalité de remboursement hypothécaire anticipé CIBC This class action is frequently searched. Protection du consommateur View Pénalité de remboursement hypothécaire anticipé CIBC
Bardeaux d’asphalte CertainTeed Responsabilité du fabricant View Bardeaux d’asphalte CertainTeed
Tubes Cathodiques (“CRT”) Concurrence View Tubes Cathodiques (“CRT”)
Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. Valeurs mobilières View Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. Join Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc.
Vioxx Produits pharmaceutiques et dispositifs médicaux View Vioxx

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Types of Class Actions

Working for You in Many Areas of Your Life

Our team represents plaintiffs in many sectors and in many different areas of personal and business life. Financial investments, medical products, common household items and many other products and services that you purchase or use can fall within a class action lawsuit.

Previous Actions

Since 1992, we have been at the forefront of the evolution of class action law.


Domestically and abroad, people continue to suffer due to the negligence - deliberate or unintentional - of others. We can apply our legal abilities to their needs.

Consumer Protection

Misrepresentation of products or services takes advantage of people's trust. We try to reset the field for the consumers who have been misled.


Careless or illegal actions that damage the environment can impact a large number of people in extensive ways. We can define and seek the compensation required.

Pharmaceutical Litigation

When medical devices and medications are not properly tested or risks are not sufficiently communicated, we get the support you unexpectedly need.

Price Fixing

Consumers can purchase products that are deliberately over-priced. We aim to correct the deception and recover the overage that consumers paid.

Product Liability

Defective or unsafe products can enter your life through negligent production or misleading claims. Companies are responsible for the ingritity of their work.


Full, fair and timely disclosure of facts is required; if not, we sue companies that violate the Securities Act and seek compensation for investors.

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We Understand Life’s Complexities

Siskinds personal injury and class action lawyers discuss the need for professional champions.

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