Mergers & Acquisitions

Siskinds has quarterbacked mergers and acquisition transactions on behalf of a wide range of clients. Our clients range from multinational corporations, to small and medium size businesses.

Our experienced team has been involved with thousands of transactions over the years.  Our involvement normally commences at a very early stage where we can add value in terms of assisting with the structuring of the deal, using our creativity and the expertise that comes from ‘deal experience.

We are able to understand the client’s goals (and where required help the client think through his goals), and help the client realize his goals.

Siskinds, compared to many firms, will use a leaner team, enabling us to be more responsive to the issues that matter while being cost effective. The use of technology enables us to spend our time efficiently while keeping our clients involved intimately with the process. By working with the client the best results can be achieved.

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