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A new environmental health guide for consumers is now available from Health Canada: Hazardcheck. The guide provides good, basic safety information about keeping a home safe, including how to read labels on household chemical products, and the importance of adequate ventilation.

Hazardcheck provides information on 3 main topics, i.e., how to:

  • improve indoor air quality – e.g., by avoiding second hand smoke, monitoring for carbon monoxide, testing for radon and minimizing humidity levels to reduce mould risk;
  • reduce lead exposure – e.g., in lead pipes, paint, and even reducing dust; and
  • safely use consumer products – e.g., by turning down the volume on personal music systems and avoid purchasing noisy toys.  Provides links to product safety warnings/advisories for consumer products and cosmetics.

Hazardcheck also includes links to several websites that explore the issues in greater detail.

The site has additional information for specific vulnerable populations, including:

  • Seniors: extreme heat, air pollution
  • Children: safety, smoke-free homes, indoor air quality (e.g., mould), lead
  • Individuals suffering from respiratory diseases, like asthma.

Consumers can subscribe to receive consumer e-alerts, which include advisories/warnings and product recalls, as well as information about consultation documents concerning consumer product safety.

Jackie Campbell and Dianne Saxe

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