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Congratulations to the Approvals Reform team: The Ontario Ministry of the Environment has brought three new sectors into its Environmental Activity and Sector Registry Regulations under the Environmental Protection Act: Small Ground-Mounted Solar; Lithographic, Screen and Digital Printing; and Non-Hazardous Waste Transportation Systems. Qualifying activities in these sectors can therefore now take place through registration, instead of obtaining an Environmental Compliance Approval. Any facility that is eligible to register may do so from November 18, 2012

The province has also decided to adopt a specific regulation for each sector, instead of including them all in Regulation 245/11. The new EASR regulations are:

In addition, there are ancillary changes, including amendments to the Standby Power System Requirements in O.Reg. 245/11.

See EBR Registry Number 011-6567

Meanwhile, progress on four other potential sectors, proposed earlier this year, seems to be stalled:

  • on-farm anaerobic digestion
  • landfill gas electricity generation
  • ready-mix concrete manufacturing
  • concrete product manufacturing

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