Blue Box Funding

This page contains public resources relating to the Blue Box Funding Arbitration between the Association of Municipalities of Ontario and the City of Toronto, as applicants, and Stewardship Ontario, as respondent, concerning the 2014 Obligation of stewards to pay 50% of the cost of Blue Box programs under s. 25(5) of the Waste Diversion Act. Municipalities say that stewards owe at least $114,072,322 for the 2014 funding year, based on verified net costs from 2012.The central issue is whether the 2005 Cost Containment Plan allows stewards to pay less than 50% of the costs reported by municipalities, as verified by Waste Diversion Ontario.

Per the order of the arbitrator, Robert Armstrong, this is a public arbitration, and we are entitled to publish the affidavit of each witness once they have completed their testimony.

To assist readers in reviewing this large number of statements, they are intended to be read as follows:

  1. Issue 1: Cost containment and the 50/50 split:
    1. Stewards’ consultants
      1. Derek Stephenson, StewardEdge
    2. Neutrals
      1. Rick Findlay, Waste Diversion Ontario (also on Issue 2: actual cost)
      2. Jo-Anne St. Goddard, Recycling Council of Ontario and former WDO director
      3. Michael Birett, Continuous Improvement Fund (also on efficiency of municipal Blue Box programs and on why costs have gone up) 
      4. Geoff Rathbone, Progressive Waste and former WDO director (also on current efficiency of municipal Blue Box programs and on why costs have gone up) 
      5. George Rocoski, retired from Ministry of the Environment
    3. Municipal representatives:
      1. Peter Hume, Ottawa and former AMO president
      2. Andrew Pollock, formerly of Region of Niagara and former Vice Chair of WDO
      3. Andrew Campbell, Innisfil and former MIPC
      4. Milena Avramovic, Leeds and Thousand Islands and former AMO staff
      5. Craig Bartlett, Durham Region (also Issue 2)
      6. Rick Clow, Quinte Recycling (also on Issue 2)
      7. Vince Sferrazza, Toronto (also on Issue 2 and 3)
  2. Primarily on Issue 2: actual cost; the efficiency of municipal Blue Box programs, and why costs have gone up:
    1. Private sector
      1. Rob Cook, Ontario Waste Management Association (also on Blue Box history)
      2. Denis Goulet, Miller Waste
      3. Jake Westerhof, Canada Fibres
    2. Municipal Blue Box operators in diverse parts of Ontario
      1. Jay Stanford, London (also cost containment history)
      2. Francis Veilleux, Bluewater Recycling (also cost containment history)
      3. Dave Gordon, York Region (also cost containment history)
      4. Karen Brown, Kenora
      5. Cathie Green, Lanark Highlands
      6. Chantal Mathieu, Sudbury
      7. John Giles, Kingston
      8. David Pressey, Haldimand County
  3. Expert on waste diversion policy and economics: Maria Kelleher (on why costs have gone up)
  4. Issue 4: Computer models
    1. Mustan Lalani, StewardEdge
    2. Alec Scott, AMO (all issues)
  5. Issue 3: Newspapers and in kind contributions
    1. Nicole Dufort
    2. Michael Fielding
    3. Rossana Nardi
    4. Siobhan Ramsay

Stewardship Ontario Witnesses: