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The Professionals Practice Group at Siskinds has extensive experience dealing with many different legal issues that accountants face throughout their careers, both professionally and personally. We understand that each stage of an accountant’s career will attract different legal needs and considerations. The needs of a newer accountant are different than those of an accountant who is in the middle of his or her career, or one who is nearing retirement from practice. As busy professionals, accountants may experience rapid change as their careers and personal circumstances advance. We recognize the unique legal and business requirements that accountants are faced with, and our experience in advising accountants on a variety of legal issues allows us to offer a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary suite of services tailored to assist accountants throughout their personal life, their career, and into retirement.

Some of the specific legal services we provide, tailored to accountants, include:

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Incorporation to Retirement

A multi-disciplinary suite of services tailored to assist accountants

Professional Corporations

Incorporating a professional corporation can bring significant advantages. We work directly with tax advisors and accountants to ensure the most appropriate corporate structure is established in order to achieve long term goals.

Estate Planning

As you progress in your career, your estate plan may become more complex. Dual Wills may be used to protect certain eligible assets from estate and administration tax.

Retirement and Succession Planning

The development of an effective succession plan for your accounting practice is a key part of ensuring a smooth transition into retirement.

Other Legal Needs

As you continue to progress in your career, there are many other legal needs you may likely encounter in your professional and personal life.

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