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As professionals start and continue their practices, there will be many other legal needs they encounter, such as leasing space, buying an existing practice, bank financing, purchase of a building, hiring employees, entering into agreements such as associate agreements, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, agreements with hospitals, practice groups, and others. Professionals may also encounter legal needs relating to wills and power of attorney, cyber security and privacy, and corporate reorganization or restructuring. In each of these situations, one or more of the members of the Siskinds firm will have the specific expertise to assist. The particular issue or need will be clearly identified to ensure the professional is connected with the appropriate lawyer within the firm.

If you would like more information on our services or how we can help, please feel free to contact us.

Legal Services for Professionals

Commercial Real Estate

These highly significant transactions require legal diligence and an understanding of all parties involved.

Financial Services

Financial and legal services are closely related. We know how to bridge the areas to suit your needs.

Labour & Employment

The complete package: planning, prevention, resolution, as well as representation and advocacy at all levels of boards, tribunals and courts.

Incorporations & Reorganizations

The fundamental structure of your business needs legal definition and clarity – we can do it for you.

Wills & Estates

All documentation, administration, accounting and litigation support you could ever need – one team does everything related to your estate.

Cyber Security & Privacy

This rapidly evolving field requires seasoned legal expertise and leading-edge knowledge. Our team has both.

Family Law

Divorce, property division, wealth protection, custody and access – indepth legal knowledge applied to situations driven by logic and emotion.