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Monochloroacetic Acid (MCAA)
This class action concerns a conspiracy amongst the defendants to fix the price at which monochloroacetic acid and sodium monochloracetate (collectively referred to as “MCAA”) were sold in Canada.

The plaintiffs allege that between at least September 1, 1995 and August 31, 1999, the defendants and senior executives of the corporate defendants participated in illegal and secretive meetings and made agreements relating to price targets, specific price increases, and market share divisions for MCAA.

MCAA is a reactive chemical compound used in the production of numerous commercial and consumer products, including pharmaceuticals, herbicides, and plastic additives.

Monochloroacetic acid is also known as chloroacetic acid, chloracetic acid, and chloroethanoic acid.

A settlement has been reached with the defendants that resolves the litigation. The deadline to file a claim under the settlement was June 26, 2004. This settlement has concluded and all claims have been paid.

For further information concerning this action, please contact Jennifer Bald at 1-800-461-6166 ext. 2455 or e-mail [email protected]

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