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KNR Landfill Managers Inc., based at the controversial Vaughan transfer station, operate a landfill in Cayuga, Ontario (perhaps the controversial Edward Street landfill that was rebuilt and reopened several years ago.) They were fined $40,000, plus victim fine surcharges of $10,000, for failing to comply with their Ministry of the Environment Approval under the Environmental Protection Act, for disposing of hazardous asbestos waste and operating the landfill.

Ministry staff found numerous violations at the landfill, including failing to prevent mud or dust from being dragged onto public roads, depositing asbestos waste without supervision, failing to cover asbestos waste with sufficient material, and failing to wear protective clothing and respiratory while working with asbestos waste.

Asbestos is a potent carcinogen. It’s hard to believe that, only 40 years ago, Ontario indignantly rejected complaints about asbestos being blown freely into the air at construction sites, and about elevated asbestos levels in drinking water…

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