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2010 Canadian Law Blog Awards Winner We are honoured and delighted to have received one of this year’s Canadian Legal Blog awards (for Best Practitioner Blogs)- a CLawBie! Details at CLawBies and at SLAW, Canada’s all time best legal blog. Since no other environmental blogs made the list, we must be the best! (right?)

Congratulations to all of this year’s ClawBie winners, especially our two co-winners of the Best Practitioner Blog awards:

  • The Trial Warrior by Antonin Pribetic (blunt and authoritative opinions about litigation and the legal profession), and
  • Human Rights in the Workplace by Donna Seale (an outstanding mix of practical advice and thought-provoking reflections).

Runners-up were: the BC Injury Law and ICBC Claims Blog by Erik Magraken; James Gannon’s IP Blog; and Wise Law Blog (440 posts in 2010!).

We wish we had time to read all the prize-winning blogs- they sound fascinating.

Writing is a lonely job- we’re so glad to know that you are reading, enjoying, and finding useful what we write. Please remember- we welcome comments and topic suggestions.

All best wishes to our readers for a wonderful 2011!

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