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Do wind turbines cause adverse health effects? A thorough and definitive summary of the evidence was made available during Monday’s full day Wind Power & Human Health Scientific Forum, a comprehensive full day event dedicated to wind power effects on human health, containing peer-reviewed scientific research. The webcast was delivered live by the Australian National Health & Medical Research Council (hashtag #windmyths and @nhmrc ID).   According to distinguished UK Consultant in Noise Vibration and Acoustics, Dr. Geoffrey Leventhall (author of the Defra Report on Low Frequency Noise and its Effect):

“1. Infrasound from wind turbines is not a health problem.

2. Effects of wind turbine noise on health and mediated through annoyance from audible noise, particularly if aerodynamic fluctuations occur (swish).

3. Attitude to a noise source is a large factor in annoyance from the source.

4. The Wind Turbine Syndrome is the result of stress from annoyance by audible noise from wind turbines, similar to annoyance from any other noise source.”

The background paper for the Forum is here.

Meanwhile, Japanese seniors are volunteering for a Fukushima “suicide corps”: “My generation, the old generation, promoted the nuclear plants. If we don’t take responsibility, who will?”


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