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As predicted, the first major renewable (wind) energy approval has been appealed to the Environmental Review Tribunal. Notice of the appeal was posted on the EBR Registry. I was glad to see, though, that this applicant doesn’t allege human health impacts. Because of the relatively narrow grounds of the appeal, it seems quite possible that it can be settled without a full scale hearing.

Application for Appeal Initiated by:

Bill Wachsmuth

Decision under Appeal:

A Renewable Energy Approval issued to Kent Breeze Wind Farms, located in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, for a Class 4 Wind facility consisting of eight wind turbine generators, each rated at 2.5 MW generating output capacity, with a total generation capacity of 20 MW.

Grounds for Appeal:

The Appellant is appealing the approval on the following grounds:

1. the lack of a Traffic Management Plan for the project, which was a condition of approval.
2. the proponent did not provide a plan for night lighting that will minimize the impacts on birds.
3. the turbines, which are not permitted to operate while under construction, should not be allowed to operate in foggy conditions once fully operational.

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