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Regulation 347, under the Environmental Protection Act, is going to be amended to broaden training requirements to all drivers of waste transportation vehicles.

Currently only drivers of a waste transportation vehicle used for transporting hazardous waste or liquid industrial waste must be trained (see s. 16 (1) paragraph 9 of Regulation 347). The MOE proposes to amend Regulation 347, to require all drivers who collect, handle, transport or transfer all kind of waste to be trained in:  the operation of the vehicle and waste management equipment, relevant waste management legislation, regulations and guidelines,  major environmental concerns pertaining to the waste to be handled,  occupational health and safety concerns pertaining to the waste to be handled, and emergency management procedures for the wastes to be handled.

It sounds like a sensible, and long-overdue, idea. And it came out of the MOE thinking deeply about performance standards for Approvals Reform, i.e. the Environmental Sector and Activity Registration. Another benefit of Approvals Reform….

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