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Are you or someone you know interested in becoming a licensed toxic substance reduction planner? If so, the Ministry of the Environment would like to hear from you. They invite all interested to email [email protected] and type “planner” in the subject line. The MOE is creating a Planners Mailing List to keep potential applicants up-to-date.

“You may have heard, the ministry is working to develop a training and licensing program for toxic substance reduction planners in order to ensure there is a sufficient number of qualified licensed planners to meet the requirements of the Toxics Reduction Act and the needs of the regulated community.

To become a licensed planner an individual must:

Meet a combination of education and/or experience:
BSc/MSc/PhD in a related field + 4 years relevant work experience;
College diploma in a related field + 6 years relevant work experience; or
8 years relevant work experience (with at least 2 years in environmental management and 2 years in operational activities).
Complete a ministry approved course
Pass a ministry approved examination
Pay a fee
The sections of O. Reg. 455/09 that set out the qualifications required to become a planner as well as the renewal and appeals process are sections 27.1 through to 27. 7. The requirement for recommendations by the planner is in section 18.2.

Starting in early 2012, the ministry will be posting information on its website to raise awareness about the: qualifications required to become a licensed planner; locations and dates of training courses; application process and; associated fees.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Wendy Moss-Newman
Toxics Reduction Project
Ministry of the Environment”

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