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It is basic economics and good common sense: to discourage something, make it more expensive. And vice versa. So why does Canada put heavy taxes on things we do want (like employment) and no taxes on things we don’t want (like pollution)?

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For years, economists and environmentalists have called on Canadian governments to “green” tax policy: e.g. to tax pollution instead of income. Despite the obvious logic, none of them did it. Now, at last, British Columbia’s 2008 Budget will blaze the way: it will tax carbon emissions, which cause climate change, and reduce small business and income tax, which discourage employment. In addition, every BC resident will get a climate change cheque: $100 per adult, $30 per child.

One of the biggest challenges governments face is how to translate public concern into action. British Columbia tackles this by showing residents how to minimize the carbon tax they will have to pay:

Greener Choices Can Save You Money

Those who choose to reduce their carbon footprints can save enough on their household expenses to come out ahead financially. Here are some examples of lower-carbon choices and their estimated savings in fuel costs and carbon tax.

Greener Choice Estimated Annual Savings

It’s a wonderful start to the big changes we all know we have to make.

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