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After convictions in 2013, Sunrise Propane Energy Group Inc., 1367220 Ontario Inc., c.o.b. as Sunrise Propane, and two corporate directors, Shay Ben-Moshe and Valery Belahov, have been fined a total of $5.3 million, exclusive of the 25% victim fine surcharges (VFS).

Sunrise Propane owned a propane filling plant in the city of Toronto and 1367220 Ontario Inc. held the Technical Standards and Safety Authority licence to operate that plant. A large explosion occurred at the plant on August 10, 2008.

The explosion resulted in the death of one worker, a student, from the inhalation of flames. Residents and businesses had to be evacuated. Residents suffered injuries, including cuts, bruises and burns; residences were damaged, including shattered windows, blown-in garage doors, and structural damage to walls, ceilings and roofs. One local business was completely destroyed. Asbestos and large metal fragments from the exploded tanks were dispersed into the neighborhood, as far as 1 km away from the plant.

Sunrise Propane was fined $2,820,000 plus VFS, for four counts of failing to comply with a ministry order to clean-up the impacted area, and for discharging a contaminant that caused adverse effects, under the Environmental Protection Act.

Directors Moshe and Belahov were each fined $100,000 plus the VFS, for failing to comply with a ministry order.

1367229 Ontario Inc. was fined $2,000,000 plus VFS for discharging a contaminant that caused adverse effects.

Lastly, Sunrise Propane was fined $280,000 plus VFS for two violations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, legislation enacted to ensure the provision of a minimum level of health and safety in the province. The charges related to a failure to provide information, instruction, and supervision to the deceased worker on safe work practices and recognition of hazards associated with propane storage, dispensing and handling, and appropriate emergency response to propane leaks.

This same case resulted in a class action, which settled in August, 2014.

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