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Members of our e-Discovery group recently attended Relativity Fest in Chicago. This annual four day conference is hosted by the legal software company Relativity and is attended by over 2000 people in the legal tech industry. Siskinds uses Relativity to manage large document collections exchanged during the litigation process. While a software conference may not sound like a good time, we love it and look forward to it every year.

The key takeaways from Relativity Fest centered on improvements to the software that translate into efficiencies for users. E-discovery is often a very costly part of the litigation. These efficiencies will help save time and money while producing a higher quality output.

Improved speed and resiliency were constant themes on both the software development side and on the user training side. Several of the workshops that we attended focused on improving workflows to obtain maximal performance.

Increased visualization of data and statistics across the user interface will allow users to see and manipulate the data in new ways. This gives us more tools to bring the most important documents to the surface quickly.

Our team is also looking forward to the upcoming release of improvements in Technology Assisted Review (TAR) which will include enhancements such as active learning. While TAR does not replace human review, TAR used in conjunction with human review can improve the overall quality and efficiency of the review.

This conference provides an opportunity to learn, improve our skills and share ideas to help us leverage technology to achieve our goal of providing high quality e-discovery at a low cost for our clients and class members.

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