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The Ministries of Environment and Natural Resources continue to elaborate their rules for renewable energy approvals, for wind, solar and biomass projects.

The MNR has made a decision to proceed with the proposed recommendations set out in the Bats and Bat Habitats: Guidelines for Wind Power Projects. These include:

–        Enhancing protection for bat habitat by increasing the wildlife habitat designation from 200m to 1000m

–        Revision of bat maternity roosts/colonies and coordinated with Ecological Land Classification

–        Improving monitoring methods

–        Detailing data submission procedures

–        Updating Ecological Effectiveness Monitoring Plan information

Bats are likely the most sensitive wildlife to disturbance from wind turbines, especially during migration. See Bats and Bat Habitats: Guidelines for Wind Power Projects (2010) EBR Registry Number: 010-9521

Meanwhile, the Ministry of the Environment  is seeking public input on the proposed “Renewable Energy Approval (REA) Draft Aboriginal Consultation Guide” that provides guidance and direction on the Aboriginal consultation requirements under O. Reg. 359/09 (REA regulation).

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