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If we have received an overpayment or duplicate payment for an account by credit card/debit card, we will make every effort to refund those payments by the same means. If we are unable to refund electronically then we will issue a refund cheque to the individual/company indicated as having made the payment. If we have identified the overpayment we will provide a refund to individual/company who provided the payment.

Refunds are processed within 60 days.

Payment Cancellation Requests

In the event that you wish to reverse or cancel a payment, you must contact us at [email protected] before 3 PM (EST) on any business day. Siskinds will use all reasonable efforts to cancel the payment provided that the instructions are received in sufficient time to permit Siskinds a reasonable opportunity to reverse the instruction in compliance with applicable clearing rules. Once the Bill Payment Service has begun processing, a payment cannot be cancelled or edited