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Some of you have asked for the occasional personal post. So, here is an email I just received from a small Mayan synagogue in Guatemala for whom I sewed a Torah cover, in my “spare time”. The Torah cover was dedicated last weekend.“Dear Miss Diane:  my name is (__).  I belong to the community Adat Israel.  Rabbi Elyse Goldstein give us the honor of being our Rabbi. She was with us last weekend and brought with her a beautiful torah cover,(mantle)  made with native fabric of our country and  with the special touch you gave it, the cover is now  a real piece of art . We will be using it full of proud because it represent what we are, our roots and what we love, Torah.   I always think that the words thank you are very short to expressing gratitude.  Let me add that this cover will be with us for the rest or our community life. Thank you very much.”

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