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Children are classified as ‘dependents’ if they are under 22 years of age and they do not have a spouse or common-law partner of their own.

Children 22 years old or older can only qualify as dependents if they are unable to financially support themselves because of a mental or physical condition, and if they have depended on their parents since before the age of 22.

Once your application is submitted, the age of the child is “locked-down”, meaning that, if the child turns 22 during the processing of the application, they still qualify as a dependent.

Similar to the spousal sponsorship process, the sponsor must meet eligibility criteria in order to sponsor a dependent child. This type of sponsorship application does not have a minimum income requirement in order to be eligible to sponsor a child, if the child being sponsored does not have any children of their own.

In addition, the sponsor should be aware that, by agreeing to sponsor a dependent child, you must sign an undertaking, promising to provide financial support for the basic needs of the child once they become a permanent resident of Canada. If they receive social assistance, you will have to pay back what they have received during the time that you are legally responsible for them. Our team provides a free of charge initial consultation outlining the sponsorship process overview, which includes the discussion on the length and implications of financial undertaking.

The sponsorship process is different if you wish to sponsor your adopted child, or an orphaned family member. Please contact us for additional information if you have questions regarding sponsoring your child, or adopted child, or an orphaned family member.

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