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Carbonless Paper
This class action alleges that the Defendants unlawfully conspired to fix, increase, and/or maintain prices in the market for carbonless paper.

The Plaintiff alleges that between at least October 1999 and September 2000, the Defendants and their senior executives, employees and agents struck agreements in respect of carbonless paper relating to the preservation of market share divisions, the co-ordination of a common response to a new market entrant, the implementation of a common discount program, the maintenance of price discipline in order to avoid a price war, and the sharing of sales and pricing data.

Carbonless paper, also known as self-copying paper, is intended for the multiple duplication of documents. Business forms, delivery slips and bank transfer forms are the most widespread applications for carbonless paper.

A settlement has been reached with all defendants that resolves the litigation. The deadline to file a claim under the settlement was November 20, 2008. This settlement has concluded and all claims have been paid.

For further information concerning this action, please contact Jennifer Bald at 1-800-461-6166 ext. 2455 or email [email protected].

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