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The MOE is proposing to consolidate Ontario’s five  ozone depleting substances regulations under the Environmental Protection Act, into one updated regulation.  The five old regulations would be revoked:

  • O. Reg. 356/90: Ozone Depleting Substances – General;
  • O. Reg. 189/94: Refrigerants;
  • O. Reg. 413/94: Halon Fire Extinguishing Equipment;
  • O. Reg. 717/94: Solvents;
  • O. Reg. 718/94: Sterilants.

The new regulation would  more closely harmonize with the 2001 National Action Plan for the Environmental Control of Ozone-Depleting Substances and their Halocarbon Alternatives, and would increasingly restrict the use of halons for fire fighting.  Meanwhile, Environment Canada continues to promote an industry-led  extended producer responsibility program for used refrigerants.

For more details, see EBR Registry Number:   011-0505. Comments will be accepted until October 25, 2010.

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