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The West Vancouver Council recently voted unanimously to support warnings on gas pumps to warn motorists about the impact driving has on the environment. This is a first in Canada, and follows the example of several cities in California. Our congratulations to Our Horizon – the organization behind the idea in Canada, who worked with District Staff to develop the resolution.

The Council voted to put forward the following resolution at the September 21/25, 2015 Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) conference and the June 5/8, 2015 Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) convention:

Whereas there is evidence that combustion of petroleum products such as gas and diesel in vehicle engines contributes to greenhouse gas emissions that affect natural systems in ways that are injurious to human health and the environment, and

Whereas point-of-sale warning labels have been required for other consumables, such as tobacco products, which has effectively curbed use of harmful products,

Therefore be it resolved that all vendors of retail petroleum products in Canada be legislated to provide warning labels on all pump handles (pump talkers), and that those companies who do not have this feature on their pump handle be obligated to fit them with the plastic sleeves which will allow warning labels to be displayed.

Although warning stickers won’t be required on gas tanks unless or until the Council receives support from other municipalities in BC and Canada through the UBCM and FCM, there may be voluntary action in the near future. Mayor Smith offered that, “through his interests in the petroleum distribution business, he would rebrand the pump talkers at those facilities in which he has influence.” Reportedly, he’s prepared to start putting stickers on his pumps right away.

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