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Most post-secondary international students are aware that there are specific restrictions with respect to the number of hours a week they can work off-campus. However, not many international students are aware that there are no such restrictions when it comes to on-campus employment. This work authorization is valid for the period for which the students hold a study permit at the institution and during which they are enrolled in full-time studies.

In order to comply with the immigration regulations, international students must understand the definition of on-campus employment. According to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, on-campus work is defined as “occurring at employment facilities within the boundaries of the campus”. The students can only work on the campus of the educational institution at which they are registered in full-time studies. The students are allowed to work at different locations of the education institution’s campuses, if those campuses are located in the same municipality. If a college or university has several campuses that are located in different cities, the students will be restricted to working on the campus where they are registered as a full-time student.

Some educational institutions are located in city centers. Interestingly, on-campus employment includes working for businesses that serve the general public. This means that an international student may work full-time at a café that is located on the institution’s campus. As long as the place of employment is located on the educational institution’s campus, international students who are enrolled in full-time studies at the said campus may work there full-time.

In order to work in Canada while on a study permit, the students must first obtain a social insurance number (SIN) from Service Canada.

If you are an international student, who has a full-time job offer from the employer located outside of campus, contact Siskinds Immigration Law Group to seek assistance with a Labour Impact Market Assessment and a work permit applications.

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