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Dear Readers,

Since you have shown so much interest in the Oakville air permit bylaw, here is some additional information:The Town has updated its website, and the by-law as passed is at

Here is some good background information that was part of the agenda package for the February 1, 2010 council meeting: http://oakville.ca/
Click on the by-law and 4 supporting files will appear:

Staff report (Legal Department & Environmental Policy): Health Protection Air Quality By-law
— Appendix A – Draft by-law February 1, 2010
— Appendix B – Draft by-law December 22, 2009
— Appendix C – Summary of Consultation comments (153 pages)

For the February 16, 2010 council meeting, the report from the City’s Legal Department “Proposed Power Generation Facility – DRAFT Environmental Review Report” is on the agenda (see http://securet.oakville.ca/eams/cache/107/ahylr4vngb14yp45p4ze3uqf/8903902162010100942641.pdf).

Appendix A to this report is a letter from TransCanada to the Town (athttp://securet.oakville.ca/eams/cache/107/ahylr4vngb14yp45p4ze3uqf/8904002162010101000967.pdf) .
An overview of the TransCanada project is at http://www.transcanada.com/company/oakville.html; click on the link to the draft ERR (be patient, as it’s downloadable on a chapter-by-chapter basis only). Be quick, as the draft ERR will only be posted for comments until February 26.

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