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Until September 19, 2007, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Green Municipal Fund (GMF) is accepting applications from municipalities for low-interest loans to fund brownfield remediation projects. The projects must result in conservation of heritage buildings or construction of new buildings to at least a LEED™ Silver rating. (LEED has really caught on as benchmark of environmentally responsible buildings!) GMF will award a total of up to $20 million in loans. Maximum funding per project is 80% of the total project cost, to an upset limit of $10 million.

Intent to Apply forms, along with details of the RFP requirements and processes, will be available on-line from the FCM Centre for Sustainable Community Development at www.sustainablecommunities.fcm.ca or by contacting the Application Coordinator:

Nathalie Lapointe
FCM Centre for Sustainable Community Development
24 Clarence Street, Ottawa, Ont. K1N 5P3
Phone: 613-907-6261; Fax: 613-244-1515
E-mail: [email protected]

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