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Opposition is growing to a proposal, by the Town of Midland and a waste/ scrap handling company called Recycling Specialties, to put a waste transfer and processing site (with outdoor storage) on a vacant lot facing the most sensitive and sacred parts of Sainte Marie among the Hurons and the Martyrs’ Shrine. Sainte Marie and the Shrine are the major historical, religious and tourist attractions in the  Midland area, drawing more than 180,000 visitors each year. A pilgrimage is planned to carry cartons of letters, opposing the plan, from the Shrine to Midland Town Hall, on November 30. Details are available through Facebook.

Full disclosure: we are retained by the Jesuits of English Canada, owners of both sites, and some of our other clients operate waste transfer/ processing/ disposal sites. But this seems noteworthy. Of all the places to put a waste transfer and processing site…

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