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father-son-and-fieldBill 150, the Green Energy Act, will directly affect lawyers all over Ontario, including those  in the environmental, energy, municipal, and natural resource fields. As a result, the Ontario Bar Association is preparing detailed comments that will address at least the following issues:

  • The new renewable energy  approvals, which will allow green energy projects to be built regardless of zoning, building code and similar restrictions, subject to provincial regulations on setbacks, etc.
  • The rights of appeal objectors to such projects should have, including the heavy onus of proof  put on objectors by proposed section 145.2 .1(3) of the Environmental Protection Act.
  • The right to connect  green energy projects to the electrical grid at public expense and the creation of renewable energy cooperatives.
  • The guaranteed feed in tariff for green power, the environmental attributes of such power, and the special pricing for community- generated power.
  •  The Environmental Bill of Rights amendments and public access to information.
  •  The impact of increased electrical rates on low income families.
  •  The implications for First Nations, especially in relation to small hydro development, and possibly
  •  Mandatory energy audits and disclosure on the sale of real estate.


 As the Environmental Law Section’s Public Affairs chair, Dianne will be quarterbacking the submission.

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