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Dear Readers, Thank you for continuing to vote us one of your most honoured firms. We have received another commendation:
“Your firm is receiving this notification as a recipient in the InterContinental Finance Magazine’s ‘HIGHLY COMMENDED – TOP TIER FIRMS – 2011’ programme. Your firm is considered to have performed to exceptional levels during one of the most difficult economic periods ever experienced.

In recognition of our Global focus of the World’s leading professional firms, the magazine is proud to announce the results of its ‘HIGHLY COMMENDED – TOP TIER FIRMS – 2011’ program. With a specific focus on geographical expertise, the ‘HIGHLY COMMENDED – TOP TIER’ accolades are presented globally to those firms that have been voted by the readership for demonstrating a high degree of ability across the International regions we focus on.

Our independent poll is conducted via our magazine readership, industry peers and our in-house panel. Each voter was encouraged to vote for those firms that continually punch above their weight and who in their opinion are the most capable within their field. As your firm is a category winner, I am sure you would like to join us and thank all who took the time to vote. It is also imperative to praise those firms that were nominated but on this occasion did not achieve the ‘HIGHLY COMMENDED – TOP TIER – 2011’ status.

The total number of votes received by close of business Friday 01st April 2011 stood at an amazing 10,290 representing a 21% response rate. The kudos of receiving the ‘ICFM – HIGHLY COMMENDED – TOP TIER’ status is unrivalled. It is considered by many to be one of the most important industry acknowledgements to achieve. There are a number of reasons why the ‘HIGHLY COMMENDED – TOP TIER’ status carries such importance, the main being the fact that the program is conducted via our extremely pertinent readership and your industry peers.

Our editors have selected those firms or individuals that have had the greatest impact on the industry within their region during the last 12 months.

You are receiving this notification as a recipient of the ‘HIGHLY COMMENDED – TOP TIER FIRM – 2011’ status …

The full list of ‘HIGHLY COMMENDED – TOP TIER FIRMS – 2011’ will appear shortly in a special commemorative supplement that will be distributed with a forthcoming issue of InterContinental Finance Magazine… All participating firms will also be incorporated in due course within the InterContinental Finance website, ensuring further endorsement of this achievement.


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