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Ontario’s Chief Energy Conservation Officer has issued his fourth annual report, Be the Change to a Culture of Conservation. In his report, Peter Love concludes that Ontario could and should be doing much more with less. In a nutshell, he issues “a call to action to every Ontarian to become involved in conservation.”


His principal recommendations, however, are addressed to the Ontario government and major businesses and institutions:


1. The Ontario government should:

  1.    a. increase funding for community-based conservation.
  2.    b. require all construction projects that receive provincial funding to be built now to the 2012 energy-efficiency standards.
  3.   c. put more resources into better energy-efficiency standards for products and buildings (new and renovated).
  4. d. ensure the fair implementation of in-suite metering in multi-unit residential buildings.
  5. e. measure and verify the effectiveness of its in-house energyefficiency program.


2. Leading institutions and businesses should:

  • a. appoint an in-house energy conservation champion, and
  • b. install sub-meters in all rented spaces, to transfer to tenants the responsibility for the electricity that they use.

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