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At the same time that Ontario is pushing ahead to build the Windsor Essex highway through the habitat of several endangered species, the Ministry of Natural Resources is “initiating the development of a government response statement” concerning the proposed recovery strategies for some of the same species:

  • Aurora Trout
  • Bent Spike-rush
  • Common Five-lined Skink (Carolinian and Southern Shield populations)
  • Cucumber Tree
  • Eastern Foxsnake (Carolinian and Georgian Bay populations)
  • Gray Ratsnake (Carolinian and Frontenac Axis populations)
  • Round Hickorynut and Kidneyshell
  • Northern Riffleshell, Snuffbox, Round Pigtoe, Mudpuppy Mussel and Rayed Bean
  • Rapids Clubtail

Comments will be accepted until October 12. Apparently,  Ontario will show concern species, but will not stop building highways through their habitat. See EBR 011–1101.

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