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The Ontario Government is increasing the amount of money Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) recipients can earn, without any reduction of their ODSP payment.

This will impact the ultimate take-home amount for those approximately 25,000 ODSP recipients in the workforce. For context, as of the summer of 2022, there were about 378,145 Ontarians receiving ODSP benefits.  

Currently, ODSP recipients are permitted to earn $200 to supplement their ODSP benefits. However, each dollar earned in excess of that amount is subject to a 50% reduction.

The proposed change will allow ODSP recipients to earn and keep up to $1000 per month, in addition to their ODSP payment. Anything more than that will be subject to a 75% reduction.

Unfortunately, ODSP rates remain unchanged. As a result, recipients continue to live in poverty.

ODSP rates are currently about $1,227 per month, which amounts to just over $40 per day. The current rate took effect in the summer of 2022 following a 5% increase, up from about $1,169 per month for an individual.

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