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Ontario is proposing changes to the Drive Clean auto emission testing program. The changes would exempt all vehicles–cars, trucks and busses—less than 7 years old from being tested as part of their registration renewal. Any vehicle plated as historic would be exempted too (Vehicles plated historic are 30 years or older and are not for regular on-road use). Passenger cars, vans and SUVs are exempted as well so long as the vehicle is:

  • Being transferred between family members
  • Coming off lease and being purchased by the person who was leasing the vehicle, or
  • Having its registration renewed and passed a test in the previous year.

The changes seem sensible. The province expects them to have a negligible impact on emissions reductions (<1% increase in smog causing emissions), while reducing the cost of compliance for vehicle owners. The proposed exemptions are scheduled to come into effect September 1, 2011, but are open for public comment until May 21, 2011. See EBR Registry Number:   011-2759.

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