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It’s summer and the livin’ may be easy if you’re on vacation. But if you’re at work, you’d better be working safely!

The Ministry of Labour is running a blitz from May 16th until July 15th, focusing attention on falls from height. They’ve warned us that they “will be taking a no tolerance intervention where fall hazards are uncontrolled” in the industrial, health-care, mining and construction sectors.

Safety concerns for new and young workers will be the subject of a blitz in the industrial sector between July 18th and September 2nd.

Their next blitz, from August 1st until September 30th, will focus on mobile cranes and rigging practices in the construction sector. During that period, inspectors will be looking for unqualified operators, unsafe hoisting and out-of-date maintenance.

Finally, from November 1st to December 31st, inspectors will be looking for electrical hazards in the construction sector. Again, they’ll be checking workers’ qualifications, reviewing ergonomic practices and ensuring safe overhead compliance.

A complete list of the Ministry’s blitzes can be found on-line and I urge you to review it regularly as one mechanism to ensure that you’re regularly turning your mind to safety.

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