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As passionate cyclists, we are glad to see that Ontario HAS a cycling strategy (update just released, after 1106 comments on the previous draft). Now we’d like to see more money, and better laws, to give it teeth and concrete presence in our cities.We have a long way to go to achieve the Strategy’s “Vision”, which even the authors imagine may take 20 years:


Cycling in Ontario is recognized, respected and valued as a core mode of transportation that provides individuals and communities with health, economic, environmental, social and other benefits.

Aspirational Goals

• Ontario is recognized as the best Canadian province for cycling and ranked among the top 10 jurisdictions worldwide for cycling. At least one Ontario city is ranked among the 10 most bike-friendly cities in the world.

• The built environment in most of Ontario’s communities supports and promotes cycling for all trips under 5 km.

• Ontario’s cycling environment is safe for people of all ages, striving to achieve a record of zero fatalities and few serious  injuries.

• Ontario’s cities and towns will have interconnected networks of safe cycling routes enabling people to cycle to work, school, home and key destinations.

• Ontario has an integrated, province-wide network of cycling routes.”

I don’t want to wait 20 years to be able to bike safely in Toronto. Let’s keep asking for better laws and better infrastructure now.

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