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Just a few days after third reading, the Ministry of Energy has already begun consultations on its first regulation under the Green Energy Act. The regulation would exempt some small renewable energy projects from all  local and municipal land-use controls, such as zoning bylaws, condominium bylaws, and agreements on the use of real property. The exemptions would apply to:

• Roof or wall mounted solar photo voltaic; 
• Roof or wall mounted solar thermal water/air; and 
• Ground source heat pump.

At a future date, the ministry will post a document on the Environmental Registry that will discuss building mounted micro wind turbines. The posting will address standards related to size, noise and performance ratings.

The Ministry is seeking comments on what, if any, limits should be put on these exemptions, such as by-laws to protect trees.

The renewable energy projects would still have to comply with provincial Acts or regulations (e.g., Ontario Building Code).

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