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Congratulations to all the winners of the 2012 Clean 50 List for “Outstanding contributors to clean capitalism”. This is an annual competition run by Delta Management.

The winners include: Premier Dalton McGuinty and Vicky Sharp, in Public Sector and Politicians. Geoff Cape for his leadership of Evergreen in Construction and Development.  Michael Jantzi in Financial Services. Tom Heintzman in Renewable Energy Generation. Peter Victor in Education. Jeffrey Simpson in Media. 

The 2012 Clean50 are, by category:

Advocacy & NGOs:
Dr. John D. Wiebe, Gerald Butts, Marlo Raynolds, Ed Whittingham

Angels, Investors & Eco?system Support:
Andrée?Lise Méthot, Tom Rand, Thomas Rankin

Building, Design & Development:
Geoff Cape, Peter Busby, Scott Demark

Clean Technology:
David Demers & the Westport Team, Charles Cartmill, Brent Perry

Chad Park, Stephen Carpenter, Marty Janowitz

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Practitioners:
Kevin Brady, Coro Strandberg

Dr. Peter Victor, Dr. Tima Bansal, Raymond Côté, Dr. Brenda McCabe, Dr. Kim Pressnail, Marianne Touchie, Ekaterina Tzekova

Financial Services:
Don Roberts, Shari Austin, Karen Clarke?Whistler, Michael Jantzi

Manufacturing & Transportation:
Scott Deugo, Ted Zettel

Primary Resources:
Antony Marcil, Tye Burt, Frank Dottori, Gord Lambert, Bob Mitchell

Public Sector & Politicians:
Dr. Vicky Sharpe, Gerald Farthing, Dalton McGuinty

Renewable Energy Generation:
Tom Heintzman, Kent Brown, Vincent Chornet, J. Ross Keating, John Keating, David Stevenson, David Swan

Research & Development:
John Paul Morgan, Dr. Phillip Jessop, Dr. Ted Sargent


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