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A class proceeding was initiated in October 2004, alleging that the Defendants, Hyundai Canada Inc., Hyundai Motor America Inc., (c.o.b. as Hyundai Auto Canada) and Hyundai Motor Company (collectively "Hyundai") negligently misrepresented and overstated the horsepower rating in various models of Hyundai vehicles.

On September 14, 2005, the Honourable Justice Rady of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice certified this case as a class proceeding and approved the Settlement of this case.

Settlement Class

You are a member of the Hyundai Settlement class if you are a Canadian resident and have ever owned or leased a Class Vehicle that was purchased/leased by the first retail owner/lessee prior to September 10, 2002 from a Hyundai dealer in any Province or Territory other than Québec.

Settlement Terms

Under the terms of the Hyundai Settlement, Hyundai provided compensation to Settlement Class members who owned or leased certain Class Vehicles on September 9, 2002. The amount of compensation depended on the (a) magnitude of the difference between published horsepower rating of the Class Vehicle and the rating established by testing, and (b) whether the Goodwill Offer was accepted for the claimant's vehicle.

A settlement has been reached with the defendants that resolves the litigation. The deadline to file a claim under the settlement was December 12, 2005. This settlement has concluded and all claims have been paid.