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In February of 2003, a class action was commenced against Fujitsu Canada, Inc. and others alleging negligence in relation to certain computer hard disk drives in the MPG3xxx and MPF3xxx-AH series (the “Drives”), which the plaintiff claims may fail at an unacceptably high rate. While Defendants deny the alleged negligence, the class action litigation in Canada has now been resolved and compensation is available to those in Canada who purchased a Drive.

Under the settlement, those with eligible claims were entitled to receive limited compensation for (a) the costs associated with replacing their Drive, and (b) data recovery costs associated with a Drive failure.

A settlement was reached with the defendants that resolved the litigation. The deadline to file a claim under the settlement was December 3, 2004. This settlement has concluded and all claims have been paid.

Please note that your Drive may still be covered by a warranty under which alternative relief may be available for Drives that have failed. The period for filing warranty claims is limited. For more information on the warranty program please visit www.fujitsu.ca